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ISTDP Core Training

ISTDP Core Training with Dr. Stephen Arthey is a certified training program by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA). It is a three-year program, that provides a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of ISTDP. A one year commitment to training is required, with your commitment to training renewable at the commencement of each training year. Steve Arthey currently has Core Training programs operating in two countries: Australia and New Zealand.

There are two components to Core Training: Didactic Training and Group Supervision.

Didactic Training

The Didactic Training is comprised of three, two-day meetings per year where the core concepts of ISTDP are taught with the aid of video-recordings from ISTDP sessions. As the training group is small, there is ample opportunity for questions and discussion to ensure that you fully understand each component.

It is not permitted to audio or video-record any aspect of these meetings. You will be provided with handouts for each meeting.

The location of the Australian didactic meetings is on the Gold Coast, QLD. The locations of the didactic meetings alternates between Wellington and Christchurch for the New Zealand Program.

Group Supervision

The Group Supervision component is comprised of 20 small group (2-3 trainees) meetings per year, conducted via video-conference on the internet. For each meeting, you are required to upload to a secure folder (you will receive the link for this before group supervision commences), a video recording of a treatment session from your practice where you apply ISTDP principles. The supervisor (Steve Arthey) provides 30 minutes of direct supervision of your video recorded therapy session. The other supervisee's participate primarily as observers. In each small group supervision meeting, each trainee receives 30 minutes of direct supervision and between 30 and 60 minutes of indirect, or observational supervision.

You are able to screen record (e.g., using QuickTime) your component of the Group Supervision.

Detailed information on Core Training is available by emailing Steve Arthey via the "Contact" option below.